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Parents Meeting Information

Welcome To Willow Class

We our very lucky to have Mrs Hill, Ms Spencer and Mrs Gell to help us with our learning in class. It is important that children read their reading books every night and books will be changed on Monday's and Friday's.  Homework will be set each Thursday and expected to be completed by the following Thursday.


PE dates for Summer term will be Monday and Wenesday so please ensure children have a full PE kit in school.


Our topic for Summer term is

'Ye Olde England' and we will be looking at how Great Britain has changed overtime.


Throughout our topic we will learn about he following:


In Geography,  we will learn about the United Kingdom and name, locate and identify characteristics of the four countries, the capital cities and its surrounding seas. We will also use basic geographical vocabulary to refer to: physical and human features and also name places such as villages, towns and cities.


In History we will explore Kings and Queens from the past. We will order dates from earliest

to latest on simple timelines whilst using common words and phrases learnt

throughout the year. We will then make simple observations about different types of

people and talk about who was important. We will use various pictures to order,

compare and discuss.

We will also learn about British schools from the past and

explore how they have changed over time.


In Science, we will learn about everyday materials and will recognise and distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made. We will identify and name a variety of everyday materials and describe the simple physical properties of each. We will compare and group together a variety of everyday materials on the basis of their simple physical properties and predict and test materials that are waterproof and absorbent.



In Art, we will create paintings of towns and streets from the past. We will create our

own work in the style of an artist and then describe what we think and feel about

our own work and the work of others. We will think about how we can 

improve the work.


In Design Technology we will learn the basic principles of a healthy and varied diet to prepare dishes for a royal banquet. We will gain a good understanding of where food comes from.

Then we will make our own products to sell during enrichment week.

During this, we will develop model and communicate our ideas through talking, drawing, templates and mock-ups. We will then evaluate our ideas and products against a design criteria.


In PSHE, we will learn the importance of belonging to a different group and the role we play. We will learn the rights and responsibilities we have in school and in the wider community. We will also recognise that all people are equal. Finally, we will learn about the responsibility of money and how it is earnt through the world of work.


In English, we will write a detailed set of instructions that contain time words

and imperative verbs. We will write a series of detailed sentences

to produce a newspaper report and also explore traditional tales

and write a series of sentences to retell a specific tale.


In Summer 2 we will be

exploring stories from the same author. We will write a series of

sentences to create their own version of a story in the style of a

studied author. We will also explore and write an acrostic poem

focussing on description.



In Mathematics, we will look at multiplication and division and add equal groups by grouping and sharing and also make different arrays. We will be exploring fractions by making a half and a whole and we will also find a half and quarter of an object, shape and quantity.

We will also recognise the place value of numbers up to 100. Whilst exploring time, we will tell the time to the hour and half past the hour whilst showing/drawing them on a clock face.