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Bees Class 2021

Welcome to Bees Class!


Things to know and remember for the Bees:


Please don’t forget that children’s book bags need to be in school daily and reading records should be signed to show that children are reading at home 5 times a week. Please check your book bags for letters and information.

Children will have a PE session on Monday and Tuesday. Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school on these days. Earrings should not be worn for school in line with the uniform policy. For any extra information, you can also check your child's SEESAW page. We will be uploading pictures of what we have been getting up to in school so that we can see.





What jobs are the most important? What job would you like to do when you grow up?



Our Literacy sessions will continue to focus on the development and consistent application of sentence structure. Children will be given plenty of modelled opportunities to construct and write simple sentences. We will continue to highlight the importance of using a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop when writing sentences. This half term we will continue to develop correct formation of letters and being able to sit them neatly on a line when writing. Children will be engaged with books such as A Superhero Like You and the Busy People series of books. They will build upon their knowledge of story structure to help them sequence and retell these stories.



This half term, children will draw upon their knowledge of numbers to 20 and their addition and subtraction skills to explore sharing and halving. They will learn how to identify whether a number is odd or even. Towards the end of the Summer, children will develop their awareness of positional language.


Reading Book Bags need to be in school daily and books will be changed once children have had two good reads. Children will carry out individual reading with their teacher at school. Children will continue to learn individual sounds from Phase 3 and Phase 4 and understand how to recognise, write, pronounce and read these sounds. Children will practise the skill of blending, in order to read simple words.


As we approach the end of this school year, children will participate in activities that will prepare them for transition in to Year 1. Children will become buddies for our new starters as visit us from nursery, this will give them the opportunity to work and play cooperatively and show sensitivity to their own needs and the needs of others. Children will prepare a Teddy Bear’s Picnic to welcome our new starters to Longshaw Infant School.


Throughout the Summer term we will be looking to develop children’s ability to be able to share and contribute their ideas with others. They will be encouraged to connect their thoughts by using a range of connectives such as ‘and’ and ‘because’. Through different stories children will be able to express their ambitions for the future. They will be able to share their understanding of different roles in society, making links to their own experiences.   


This half term, children will talk about the lives of the people around them and their roles in society. They will develop an understanding of a range of professions and what their job entails. Children will deepen their understanding of the processes and changes in the natural world around them by identifying the features of Summer. We will be burying a time capsule which allow children to understand what is meant by past and present.


Through the exploration of various professions children will be given the opportunity to use various props and materials when role playing characters from narratives. They will be encouraged to share their creations and explain the process that they have used. Children will use different colours and textures to create a portrait of how they see themselves in the future. 

PE sessions will take place twice a week this half term. Children will begin to show accuracy and care when drawing this will include completing a self-portrait. This half term, children will be participating in our annual Sport’s Day where they will demonstrate strength, balance and coordination.



Miss Oxendale