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Ofsted & Performance Data


Our recent inspection report has now been published and we can share the wonderful outcomes with all of the parents and carers of children at our school. We are very pleased with the outcomes of the inspection but also a little disappointed as since our last inspection things have changed at Ofsted and they no longer give Outstanding judgements following one day inspections.


HOWEVER… Her Majesty’s Inspector has found that the school remains ‘GOOD’ but that we have demonstrated ‘strong practice and marked improvement in specific areas’ which means that he felt that the school provides excellent provision and could therefore be moving towards being Outstanding. This also means that the next inspection will be over two days to enable them to see all the wonderful things that we do in our classrooms and hopefully change the outcome to Outstanding.


The report’s findings are listed below:-





The inspector celebrated that…


  • The school is a beacon of hope and care for children and families in the community
  • The Headteacher, Governors and senior leaders have an accurate view of the effectiveness of the school
  • We have created a warm and welcoming school environment
  • The behaviour of the pupils continues to be a strength
  • Pupils treat each other with respect
  • Parents said ‘Teachers do their best to make all children feel special, to see their value and purpose irrespective of their backgrounds
  • The school gives high priority to the social and emotional needs of the pupils
  • The environment is bright and stimulating
  • Teachers celebrate the work of the pupils across the school
  • The standard of art work around the school is excellent and pupils utilise skills that only those well beyond their age would normally have
  • The curriculum is enriched with trips and additional experiences
  • The pupils are taught to understand the wider aspects of British society through visits to synagogues, mosques and churches
  • Pupils benefit from expert teaching in art, music and physical education
  • They explore learning through many different lunchtime and after-school clubs
  • Pupils are actively encouraged to solve problems and take risks whilst developing language skills in regular outdoor learning sessions
  • Pupil premium funding is carefully spent so that disadvantaged pupils make progress in line with that of all other pupils



The report also says that Ofsted had asked the school to improve writing in an earlier inspection. The inspector now found that there has been a tremendous improvement in this area and that pupils make strong progress in writing from low starting points.



The inspector commented on the fact that some pupils enter into school with poor language and vocabulary skills however the support they are given to develop these areas ensure that they make excellent progress.



It was recognised that the school works rigorously to ensure safeguarding of pupils is highly effective and that we work with a number of outside agencies to support families having difficulties.

Early Years Provision

It was recognised that pupils in the Foundation Stage of schooling achieve higher that the national average. This was attributed to the way the curriculum has been structured in Reception classes and how it is now a well-ordered learning environment.  Teaching Assistants were recognised for the help that they give to pupils and that behaviour is strong, which enables the children to make strong progress from low starting points.


The rise in the number of pupils achieving the expected standard in the phonics screening check was recognised and the impact that this has upon the children’s written work.


Thankfully, the Ofsted inspector recognised that attendance had started to improve at the end of 2018. However, despite all our efforts, it remains below national average and the rates of persistent absence are too high.  It was recognised that pupils want to come to school however they are dependent upon parents bringing them and a small number of families are persistently late.

 As this was a short inspection there is not a complete report, just a letter which is available on the school website or by logging into the Ofsted website

This letter however does highlight the next steps for the school which would usually include some reference to the curriculum, learning, behaviour or a specific subject such as writing. As the inspection was so positive in all of these areas there were no ‘next steps’ found for these areas and only one was highlighted.

Next steps for the school

Leaders and those responsible for governance should ensure that:

They continue in their relentless efforts to improve further the overall school attendance and reduce rates of persistent absence.


This is a difficult one for us to achieve on our own and we will need all the families of children in the school to help us with this. Please ensure that you bring your children to school every day and that they are on time.  This will then support us in finally achieving the ‘Outstanding’ badge that we deserve.

Kind regards

Mrs A H Batley


Key Stage 1 Data


Due to changes in school assessment systems a Key Stage 1 Comparison report is no longer  

Comparison Report

Due to changes in school assessment systems a Key Stage 1 Comparison report is no longer produced however please see below for attainment in 2016-2017