Sycamore Blog - Autumn 1 Term 

Week 7

This week in Sycamore Class we have been working hard on adding 2 digit numbers together. We have used lots of resources and jottings to help us and now we have begun to look at adding these numbers mentally. In English we have been creating expanded noun phrases to describe a haunted forest and we have done a super job at remembering to include our commas. In history we have looked at Florence Nightingale and how she changed hospitals for the better. Some of us wrote letters in the character of Florence and some of us compared the changes that hospitals have made since the 1800's. In Art we have continued to look at Andy Warhol's Pop Art and we have begun to design our vey own Pop Art piece.

watch this space!

Week 6

 This week we have been learning all about the artist Andy Warhol who creates amazing 'Pop Art' work. Our favourite Pop Art image was the ones with lots of different doughnuts because we found the bright colours inspiring. Next week we are going to look at healthy foods and design our own Pop Art piece of work. In Maths we have been learning how to find missing numbers in calculations. We used the Part, Whole model, the bar model and a number line to find the missing number then we began to find the missing numbers using mental maths. We are now experts! In PSHE we looked at the importance of brushing our teeth and what can happen if you don't look after them properly. Some of use wrote instructions for brushing our teeth. We have continued to look at the 'Disgusting Sandwich' in English and we used commas to separate our adjectives. On Friday we wrote a super piece of narrative for an image using adjectives and conjunctions. In R.E. We listened to a story about a special leader for Muslims called Muhammad. He was a gentle, caring and kind person because he looked after animals. We are also working super hard on our cursive handwriting and it is getting neater every day. 

We also received a lovely letter from Mrs Gerrard this week. Mrs Gerrard helped lots of us with our reading and reading is her favourite hobby so she kindly sent us a set of David Walliams books to get stuck into. We can't wait to read them. Have a look at her letter below. 

Week 5

This week in English we have been looking at a story called 'The disgusting sandwich'. The story is all about a hungry badger who tries to eat a sandwich but lots of other animals pinch it and drop it in dirty places all around the park. It ends up being DISGUSTING! We have thought of lots of fantastic synonyms for the word disgusting. In maths we have been working hard on addition. We have played addition games and looked at representing addition within a Part, Whole model and a bar model. In Science we have been learning all about keeping healthy. This week we have focused in on hygiene and some of us wrote instructions for washing your hands. In RE we have been thinking about God and where he might be. We had lots of ideas! 

Dalton: He is invisible but we still feel his presence. 

Samuel: He is everywhere. 

Amelia: He is in the sky looking after the world.

Week 4

This week in English we have been looking at a story called No-Bot. The story is all about a robot called Bernard who accidentally left his bottom at the park! On Wednesday we found out that Bernard was missing so we used adjectives to describe him for a missing poster and video. 

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