Oak Class Blog! 


We want to share with you what we have been up to in Oak Class :)



Spring 1 Week 2: 

We have had a really exciting week this week! We have been exploring a famous local artist Shirley MacArthur who will be inspiring us to create our own piece of art work. We emailed her to find out more about her and she has emailed us back! She has even given us some advice for when we create our masterpieces on Monday! We have continued to explore the story of 'Lost and Found' and have produced some fantastic character descriptions using interesting adjectives. In Maths we have been exploring our number bonds to 10 and 20. We cannot wait to show you our amazing art work next week! 




Spring 1 Week 1: 

The children have had a wonderful first week back! In English we have been exploring the story 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers to help us write accurate sentences with conjunctions. We have continued our longitudinal study and explore the similarities and differences between a tree in Autumn and a tree in Winter. 

















Autumn 2:

We are all very excited to be back at school after a lovely week off :) This week we have been looking at a video clip called 'Adventures are the pits' and using this to write some amazing sentences independently. We have also finished our information pages all about the United Kingdom which look so amazing,we have decided to create a whole class book with them :) We cannot wait to show you a picture of the finished product next week.




This week we have been very busy. In English we have been looking at a new book called 'Peace at Last!' We have been following a story map to help us re-tell the story


In Maths we have been working very hard.  We have been adding 1 more and 1 less than a number. We know that if we are finding 1 more the number gets bigger and if we are finding 1 less the number gets smaller. 

In Science we have been looking at our bodies and the senses associated with each body part. We have been on a senses walk and made a list of all the things we could see, hear, smell, feel and taste (when eating our snack).