16th October 2020


This week we have been exploring our drawing techniques and have planned out our Pop Art masterpiece that we will be making next week. We have chosen bright colours because we want our art to look like Andy Warhol's Pop Art. We are using fruit because our topic is called 'healthy me' so we have chosen a healthy option. Just look at our amazing designs!

9th October 2020


In Maths, this week, we have been finding sneaky missing numbers in our number sentences. We have used bar models, number lines and part, part whole models to solve our missing number mysteries. We are super detectives and we can find the missing numbers


In art, this week, we have been looking at Andy Warhol's famous pieces of art to get inspiration for our own art work. 

We have had a special visitor to school - Mrs Gerrard our Reading Teacher from last year. She wasn't able to come and visit us in our Class Bubble, but she did leave some exciting, colourful books as a gift for us as well as a special letter. We are so excited to pick one of these for our new class story! Which one will we choose? 

2nd October 2020


This week we have been reading 'The Disgusting Sandwich'. We found a disgusting sandwich on our playground and we have been writing about it in our English sessions.


We love our new words:

  • revolting
  • mouldy
  • horrible
  • rotten
  • poisonous  

Ask us about our new vocabulary!


In Science we have been learning about hygiene and we did a interesting experiment. Ask us all about it. We are super scientists.



25th September 2020


This week we have been reading No-Bot the Robot! The children have really enjoyed reading this and using it to write some fantastic sentences!

We have also had lots of fun using our greater than and less than crocodiles to compare numbers.

Ask your child all about it, they are maths superstars!

Image result for new school year goals

As part of our learning this week, we have been discussing our goals for this school year. Here are some of the goals the children would like to share:

  •  James, Sienna-Rose and David would like to improve their writing skills
  •  Jimmy and Olivia would like Maple class to always have a positive attitude
  •  would like Maple Class to spread their smile around the school
  •  Youssef, Ashton and Jenna would like to practise their handwriting to make it perfect
  •  Oakley, Daniel, Eshaal and Sophie would like to develop their sports skills
  •  Ziggy, Karam and Isaac would like to learn how to tell the time
  •  Faye, Kai and Minahil would like to learn how to tie their shoe laces 
  •  Maisie would like to do more challenges in Maths
  •  Riley and Angel would like to learn new, interesting things about the world
  •  Mia and Lucenzo would like Maple class to be role models to the rest of the school 


 Image result for im not here to be average