Admission Arrangements 2018-19


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Admissions to Blackburn with Darwen Schools



Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council
Co-ordinated Primary Admission Scheme for 2018/19 Academic Year

The law requires Local Authorities (LAs) to establish a co-ordinated admission
scheme that will apply to all primary schools.
The purpose of co-ordinated admission schemes is to establish mechanisms for
ensuring, so far as reasonably practicable, that every parent/carer of a child living in
the LA area who has applied for a school place in the ‘normal admission round’
receives one offer of a school place on the national offer day. The scheme must also
cover late applications made after the closing date, but before the start of the school

Schemes must also set out how applications that are made during the academic year
for admissions to age groups other than the normal year of entry i.e. ‘’In-Year
applications’’, will be dealt with.
The Council is required to inform the Secretary of State of the agreed scheme by 28
February 2017. The Secretary of State will impose a scheme if the Council fails to
notify her of the agreed scheme.

Proposed scheme for the ‘normal admission round’
Age and entry of admission to reception
The law does not require any child to start school until the start of the term following
the fifth birthday. In Blackburn with Darwen a start date in September is used for
admission of all children who will become 5 during that school year. All children who
were born between between 1 September 2013 and 31 August 2014 may start
school in the autumn term 2018.
Deferred admission
Parent(s)/carer(s) can delay their child starting school until the term after their fifth
birthday. This is known as deferred admission. Parent(s)/carer(s) who are
considering deferred admission are strongly advised to still apply for a school place
by the closing date. The offer of a reception place will be kept open, even if the child
does not take it up until later in the academic year. Free nursery places would cease
at the end of the term when the child turns five.

Parent(s)/carer(s) of summer born children who wish to delay their child(ren) starting
school until September 2019, should follow the guidance “Summer born children
full year delayed primary start”.

If the child is refused admission to the school, then parent(s)/carer(s) have a right of
appeal to an independent appeal panel. Parent(s)/carer(s) should note that “class
size prejudice” (i.e. breach of the Infant Class Size limits) where applicable, will be
considered at your appeal. Please also note that this right of appeal does not apply if
your child is offered a place in another year group at the school.
The law states that all children must receive a suitable education from the term after
their fifth birthday. If parent(s)/carer(s) do not make suitable arrangements they could
be breaking the law and be prosecuted.

Equal preferences
It is a legal requirement on all admission authorities to consider equally all
applications for admission to maintained infant/primary schools. The rank order of
preference, whether a first, second or third preference, will not be taken into
consideration at this stage. If the school receives more applications than the
published admission number, the relevant oversubscription criteria will be applied by
the school’s admissions authority to all applicants.
If it is possible to offer admission at more than one of the preferred schools then the
school at which a place will be offered will be the one that is the highest ranked on
the common application form (caf). Offers from lower preference schools will be
removed and these places will be offered to other eligible children. This will ensure
that each child is only offered a place at one school.

Fraudulent applications

If the Council or a school finds that misleading information has been given, the child
will not be given a place at that school. If a place has been offered and the
information given turns out to be false, that place may be withdrawn. If the place is
withdrawn the application will be considered again, based on the correct information.
If the place is refused a right of appeal will be given. If the child is allowed to
continue at the school, their sibling(s) will not be given priority under the “sibling”
category in the admission policy if they then apply for places at the school in

Stage 1 – common application form
The Council will publish an admission prospectus ‘’ Primary School Admissions for
September 2018’’. This will be available from the Council website, any Blackburn with Darwen primary school and
from the Children’s Services Department from 6 September 2017. Please note that
parent(s)/carer(s) are being encouraged to apply on-line and this process will be
available from 6 September 2017.

The online application form or the common application form which is included in the
prospectus for admission to all maintained primary schools must be completed by
parent(s)/carer(s) of Blackburn with Darwen (BwD) children by 15 January 2018
(“the closing date”) and returned to the Council’s Place Planning & Admissions
Team. Schools are also requested to return completed forms sent to them in error to
the Council’s Place Planning & Admissions Team.

The online application form / common application form (caf) will allow
parent(s)/carer(s) to express three preferences in rank order and to state reasons for
the preferences. The form will also allow parent(s)/carer(s) to provide denominational
reasons in support of their application e.g. baptismal / church membership and
attendance / mosque membership.
Some faith aided primary schools may also require parent(s)/carer(s) to complete an
additional school application form. Parent(s)/carer(s) who are applying for admission
under the faith category for The Olive School must also complete an additional
school application form which is available within the Council’s prospectus and should
be returned to the school.
Please note that no application will be processed without an online application
form or a common application form.
Parent(s)/carer(s) of BwD children resident in the borough wishing to apply for
admission at schools in neighbouring Councils must include the preference(s) on the
Blackburn with Darwen application form.

Stage 2 – process for considering applications
The Local Authority (LA) will provide admission authorities with details of all children
whose parent(s)/carers(s) have indicated the school as a preference on the common
application form by 14 February 2018. The order of preferences will not be included
in the details sent to each school.
By 14 March 2018 each admission authority will apply its own published admission
criteria and return to the LA a list of all applicants, in rank order, in accordance with
the published admissions criteria.
Between 14 March 2018 and 28 March 2018 the LA’s Place Planning & Admissions
Team will consider the list of children that can be offered and refused admission for
all schools. Where a child can be offered admission at more than one school, the LA
will offer admission at the school that is the highest ranked preference. Any changes
to the list of children to be offered and refused admission will be communicated to the

Stage 3 – letters offering a school place
The LA’s Place Planning & Admissions Team will send letters on 16 April 2018 to all
parent(s)/carer(s) of BwD children informing them of the outcome of the application
for admission into a primary school.
If admission is refused to any school, a letter will be sent which will inform
parent(s)/carer(s) of the alternative school to be offered. The LA’s letter will advise
parent(s)/carer(s) of their right of appeal.
All parent(s)/carer(s) who have not received an offer of a place at the first preferred
school will be asked to accept the place either by using the on-line system or by
telephone to the LA’s Place Planning & Admissions Team by 25 April 2018.
After this date the LA will inform the relevant Admission Authorities of the children
whose parent(s)/carer(s) have not accepted the places. The Admission Authorities
will write to these parent(s)/carer(s), informing them that if the place is not accepted
within 7 days, the place will be withdrawn. If after 7 days if the place has not been 
accepted, the Admission Authorities will tell the LA which children to withdraw from
the offer list. If the school has a reserve list the LA will make further offers and inform
the schools of the children. The process will continue until all places have been

For admissions into Borough community and voluntary controlled schools, the LA will
contact parent(s)/carer(s) who do not accept the place. If after 7 days the place is not
accepted they will follow the same process re withdrawing places, as the other
Admission Authorities

If parents refuse the place offered, the LA will only withdraw the place if the
parent(s)/carer(s) put their refusal in writing either by letter or by email.
Late applications

Late applications received between the closing date and the allocation Date
The closing date will as far as possible be observed. If there are exceptional
reasons for the delay, then provided the application is received before 16 March
2018, (‘’the cut-off date’’) a late application may be considered alongside the
applications which were submitted on time. The exceptional reasons may include
the following:

• Parent(s)/carer(s) who have moved or are moving into the borough after
the closing date
• Parent(s)/carer(s) were abroad for the whole period between the
publication of the LA’s admission booklet and the closing date for the
application form
• Parental/carer/child illness which required hospitalisation for the major
part of the period between the publication of the LA’s admission booklet
and the closing date for the application form

If the Admission Authority is not satisfied that there were relevant exceptional
circumstances for the delay then any application form received after the closing
date, but before places are allocated, will only be considered after all the on-time
applications have been considered and allocated places.
Please note that if a late application is received after the cut-off date, it will not be
possible for the Admission Authority to consider it alongside the on-time
applications even if there are exceptional reasons for the delay.

Parent(s)/carer(s) of Blackburn with Darwen children will be sent letters from the
LA informing them of the outcome of the application for admission to borough
schools on 16 April 2018.

 Applications received after the allocation date
The LA will continue to manage the co-ordinated admission arrangements after
the allocation date (i.e. 16 April 2018) until 31 December, 2018.
Anyone applying after places have been allocated must still complete the LA
common application form. The application form and any relevant documents will 
be passed on to the appropriate admissions authority for consideration. The LA
will retain responsibility for informing parent(s)/carer(s) about the outcome of their

If admission is refused to any school, a letter will be sent which will inform
parent(s)/carer(s) of the alternative school to be offered. The LA’s letter will advise
parent(s)/carer(s) of their right of appeal and provide details of the appeals process.
Waiting lists & change of preferences

Waiting list
All admission authorities must maintain a waiting list until at least the end of the
autumn term in the academic year of admission for every oversubscribed school. The
admission authority must use the existing oversubscription criteria to rank the
children. As no distinction will be made between applications received on time and
late applications, the waiting list will remain fluid.
The LA will maintain a waiting list for admission to community and controlled schools.
Details of children who have not been offered a place at their preferred school(s),
including late applicants will automatically be placed on the waiting list using the LA
published oversubscription criteria.

Change of preferences
A change of preference after the closing date (but before the cut-off date) will only be
acceptable in exceptional circumstances. This is likely to be when there is a change
of address. Verification must be provided e.g. letter from a solicitor exchanging
contracts or a tenancy agreement.
If a parent(s)/carer(s) wishes to change a preference after the cut-off date, then they
must follow the process outlined above for Applications received after the
allocation date. Since this is effectively a request for admission to a school(s) not
previously indicated on the original application form, the parent(s)/carer(s) must
complete a fresh application form. Where a place cannot be offered, the child’s
details will be placed on the waiting list and an alternative place will be offered.
In year admissions

The LA has formulated a scheme for the co-ordination of all in year admissions.