Welcome to Willow Class Page

Corona Virus – Home Learning 

Please see the overview below. These are some suggestions to support the children’s learning and to enable them to complete work at home over the coming weeks. We are committed to ensuring that your child is still learning as much as possible.

Teachers will upload additional activities, matched to the Maths and English learning being done in school, on to each class page on a daily basis. Children should complete these activities in their homework book or on paper.

Tasks will also be set by teachers on SEESAW and Purple Mash, and logins for these websites will be sent home on Wednesday evening with the children who are still in school along with simple guidance for using them.

Families who are already self-isolating should contact the school office for personal login details.

Teachers will monitor who has accessed the learning on here.

Please contact us if you require any further information.

Parents - Important Information

Future Home Learning

Home Learning will now be uploaded to the learning platform on Seesaw.

All children have log-in details, however if you need them to be re-issued

please contact the office.

Home Learning Week 30.3.2020

Thank you!

I have enjoyed seeing the amazing work that has been uploaded to Seesaw this week.  Don't forget to download the app, take a photo of your work and then upload it to seesaw.


I will continue to upload the daily learning activities onto the class page for anyone struggling to access Seesaw.

Remember if you need a log in code please contact the office.

Email: office@longshawinfant.blackburn.sch.uk

Telephone: 01254 260534


Using Seesaw is a simple way to access learning and keeping in contact.  Children click on the activity assigned to them and can draw their answers on the screen and save it by clicking on the green tick.

Alternatively, work can be written or drawn in an excercise book or scrap of paper.  I would be grateful if you could take a photograph and upload to to seesaw so that I can see the childrens work and add comments.

I will be regularly adding different activities, links and videos, such as reading the children a story regularly.


Thanks Mrs Hill x




Story time

These are two of the stories that have been uploaded to Seesaw. On Seesaw there are lots of links to different learning and activities to keep the children busy.  

As a challenge, I would love to see videos or photos of you reading, these could be uploaded to Seesaw.

Home Learning Tasks

Friday Maths- Purple Group

Friday Maths - Green, Blue, Yellow and Red Groups

Friday English- Purple Group

Friday English - Green, Blue, Yellow and Red GroupsEnter text...

Maths Thursday - Green, Blue, Yellow and Red Groups

Maths Thursday Purple Group

English - Thursday Green, Blue, Yellow and Red

English - Thursday Purple Group

Wednesday - Maths - Purple Group

Wednesday - Maths _ Green, Blue, Yellow and Red Groups

Wednesday - English - Green, Blue, Yellow and Red Groups

Wednesday - English - Purple Group

Tuesday Maths - Green, Blue, Yellow and Red groups

Tuesday Maths Purple Group

Tuesday English - Green, Blue, Yellow and Red Groups 

Tuesday English Purple Group

The webpage below has lots of child friendly information about Coronavirus and how to keep safe.  




Home Learning Grid 30.3.2020

English Monday - Green, Blue, Yellow and Red groups

English Monday - Purple Group

Maths Monday

Purple Group

Maths Monday - Green, Blue, Yellow and Red Groups

English Friday - Purple Group

English - Green, blue, yellow and red groups

Maths Friday - Green, Blue, Yellow and Red

Maths Friday - Purple Group

Maths Thursday Purple Group

Maths Thursday Green, Blue, Yellow and Red Groups

English Thursday  Purple Group

English Thursday - Green, Blue, Yellow and Red Groups

Wednesday 25.3

Maths Purple group

Maths Wednesday

Green,Blue, Yellow and Red groups

English Wednesday

Purple Group

English Wednesday 

Green, Blue, Yellow and Red groups

Autumn Term 2019

Hello and welcome to Willow Class

Hello! My name is Mrs Hill and I am the class teacher in Willow Class.  We are very lucky to have Mrs Spencer working with us to help us with our learning in Year 1 throughout the year.  Please check our class blog regularly for weekly updates of what we have been getting up to in class. 



Our exciting topic for this term is:

'On the Farm'


We will begin by exploring the work of a local artist Shirley MacArthur who uses farm animals as her subjects. The children will study her work carefully and create their own works of art in a similar style, using basic techniques.  

The children will then explore a range of materials and their properties in Science. They will sort items by the materials that they are made out of and their properties. They will then use their knowledge to investigate the most suitable material for the roof of a barn on a farm.


Following this, the children will then go on an observational walk around school to identify Human and Physical features using the correct geographical vocabulary. They will compare the similarities and differences between a farm and Blackburn Town Centre.


We will begin the second half term with a WOW trip to Smithill's Farm so that we can gain knowledge and experience and explore 'was life always like this on a farm?' We will begin to understand why farms are important and what jobs the farmer has to do.  I know that we have all been very excited about the trip.


' In History we will learn all about farms from the past. We will explore how farms began and research how farms have changed over time and how technology has evolved  and now helps the farmer. We will explore the similarities and differences between modern day farms and farms in the past using the correct historical vocabulary. 

 In Science, we will be learning about animals and humans.  We will learn to identify, categorise and sort different animals by their features and adaptions

In Design and Technology, we will design our own 'farm in a box' creating leavers to create movement. 








This year in Year One we will look to build different skills: 

  • resilience
  • perseverance
  • creativity
  • critical thinking and problem solving
  • building our character skills
  • working in collaboration with our friends
  • communicating and being a good citizen.


 Reading books

Please ensure that your child's book bag is in school every day.  Please read with your child every night and discuss what you have read.  You do not need to read the whole book at once. Reading books will be changed three times a week but only if your child has had two good reads of their book.


Some activities you can do to support reading and understanding are...

* Act out the story

* Use expression

* Retell the story without the reading book

* Do a word hunt

* Be digraph detectives

* Ask your child to try and change the story slightly



Homework will be given out every Friday. The homework will reflect on the children's learning throughout the week. Please ensure homework is handed back in on Thursday to ensure new homework can be given out on the Friday.



Please make sure that every piece of clothing your child brings into school has their name clearly on it. This is to ensure if any clothing does get lost or misplaced it can be easily returned. 


We have two P.E. sessions every week, including a FUNDA session with a specialist teacher. One is on Wednesday and one is on Thursday and P.E. kits will be sent home at the end of every half term to be washed. Please ensure that they are back in school ready for the first week back.


Useful Websites

Oxford Owl- You can sign up as a parent.
Phonics Play- Some free games and resources
Twinkl- You can sign up as a free member. Then search for phonics screening

Jolly phonics 

Teach your monster to read.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesistate to come and speak to me.


Thank you for your continued support, 


Mrs Hill and Mrs Spencer.   :)