Summer 2

'Will you tell me a story?'


This half term we will enjoy reading some traditional stories. We will begin by reading 'The Three Little Pigs', and will have the opportunity to act out the story using masks and props, as well as re write the story ourselves and create artwork linked to the story.


We hope you can join us for our class assembly on Friday 7th June where we will sing a song about the story.


We will then talk about other familiar stories and choose one together that we would like to focus on.


In Maths we will bring together all our learning from the year so far and focus on using our skills to problem solve. This will include solving addition, subtraction, doubling and halving problems. 


This half term we have Transition as a big focus. This is our transition to Year 1, as well as helping nursery children learn about our school during their transition days.



Summer One

This half term we are going to 'Explore and Discover'



This half term we are going to enjoy being explorers. This will begin with exploring some eggs that will arrive at school- where are they from and what will hatch from them? 

We will then look at places we would like to explore - starting with a trip to Blackpool Zoo on the 13th May. We will be able to gain first hand experiences of animals that live in the jungle. 



 Then we will be asking the children where they would like to explore next, by using different imaginative texts as a guide to encourage their narrative writing. We will be using Tales Toolkit an an aid for children to understand and retell their own version of a story.


 In Maths  this half term we will be looking at understanding number and how we can use them in word problems. The children will learn to understand the language used in word problems and how we can understand what we are being asked. The children will have access to a range of different tools in order to help them work the problems out. Children will develop their understanding of positional language through lots of practical activities. 




How you can help at home 


Read with your child every night, talk through and discuss the story and characters. 

Counting regularly with your child, both forwards and backwards.

Ask your child about their day, we do lots of different activities throughout the day and they will love to share these with you. 

Ensure your child's book bag is in school everyday.

Complete the homework given out on a Friday with them, this reflects the learning throughout the week.


Please ensure that children bring their bookbags in every day. Also make sure that you check these bags every night for any messages or letters that might have been given out.


Please can you make sure that you label all of your child’s clothes, this includes all parts of their uniform, PE kits, coats and shoes, as this helps us to find the owner of the item much faster!!


You will receive newsletters and information from school regularly, however, if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to speak to me.

Mrs Quilliam