Chestnut Class - Miss Wheatley - Yates

Summer Term

We will be continuing our online learning this half term. This will all be done on our class SEESAW page. I am so pleased that so many of you are logging on and completing the tasks I have set.

If you still need your SEESAW login please email Miss Robinson on the school office email below and she can send it to you. 


Every day on SEESAW I will be uploading a Maths and a Grammar challenge. Instead of a worksheet I have now recorded a video in the hope that I can explain tasks easier and ensure you are able to complete the work independently. This means it will be easier for you to complete the work so I will expect to see more of you completing it! Alongside this, 3 times a week there will be Topic videos uploaded linking to subjects such as Geography, History, Art and Science.


Once you have completed your challenge or task for that day you will need to submit your work on SEESAW. To do this you may need to take a picture of a piece of work you have done and then upload it, record a voice note or video or complete the work on the SEESAW app. Just like in school, I will be monitoring who has submitted work and I will be marking your responses and leaving feedback.


Uploaded below there is a Home Learning Grid with some ideas on to support the children who cannot access SEESAW. This will be updated weekly.


If some children are still struggling to access SEESAW please use the link below to seek help or view the help sheet I've attached at the bottom of the page. 



Good luck with your Online Learning Chestnut Class.

I will be online Monday - Friday between 9 am and 3.30 pm.


Miss Wheatley-Yates :)

Please see the document below for infomation about using Zoom with your children. Here is a link for you to follow for guidance about keeping children safe on Zoom.



NHS Artwork Competition

 The NHS are asking children to create a piece of A4 sized Artwork to brighten up the facilities that are being set up for use during the Coronavirus outbreak. Your artwork could be a drawing, painting, collage or 3D piece. If you would like to take part you can download the forms at the bottom of the page and follow the printed instructions. You can also upload your artwork to SeeSaw for your friends and teachers to see. If you win the competition your artwork will be displayed in one of the NHS facilities to make the staff and their patients smile. 

Good Luck!