Bees Class 2019/2020




Hello, my name is Miss Aspin and I am the class teacher within Bees Class.
We also have Miss Ward working with us. 
We have been having lots of fun in Bees class so far this year and are looking forward to the year ahead! 

This is our class page where you can find out all the information about the term and any dates you will need.

We also have a class blog where there will be weekly videos, photos and activities for you and the children to enjoy.



Spring One: Can you explore with me?


This term is going to be very exciting indeed! We will be learning about 'explorers'. First we will begin by identfying what they are and finding answers to key questions such as:

What is an explorer? 

What do explorers do? 

Where do explorers go? 

How do they make a difference?

What do explorers wear?

How do explorers share their findings and journeys?

What equipment do explorers need?


We will be using different stories and books about explorers as inspiration as we explore different areas of the world. We will role play exploring different places and imagine what it would be like to be there. The children will learn about what an explorer is and their important discoeries throughout history. 


The children will then become explorers deciding which journey or route they would like to take as explorers. Do they want to explore the jungle or the deset first? where to next? Maybe they will want to explore space or the deep blue sea? The children will decide their journey and learning experience. After the children have explored each area they will recieve an explorer badge to add to their very own explorer passport. Throughout their learning journey the children will be developing their understanding of stories, settings, characters and main events as well as developing their ever growing vocabulary. They will also continue to develop their phonic skills through daily sessions helping them in their journey to become a reader and a writer. 


In Maths we will continue learning all about different numbers, how to read and write them but also their value making numbers in different ways. We will also learn about repeating patterns and capacity. We will explore different containers using full, empty and half full to describe the different capacities. 

In English we will be using a variety of stories to support our understanding of story structure. We will continue to tell 'Helicopter Stories' building our own stories using ideas from stories read. We will also continue to familiarise ourselves with the 'Tales Toolkit' as an approach to story writing.



How you can help at home :)


Read with your child every night, talk through and discuss the story and characters. 
Counting regularly with your child, both forwards and backwards. If they read every night they will get dojos in school as a reward.
Ask your child about their day, we do lots of different activities throughout the day and they will love to share.
Ensure your child's book bag is in school everyday.
Complete the homework given out on a Friday with them, this reflects the learning throughout the week.




Please ensure your child brings in their book bag every day.


Also make sure that you check these bags every night for any messages or letters that might have been given out. Please can you make sure that you label all of your child’s clothes, this includes all parts of their uniform, PE kits, coats and shoes, as this helps us to find the owner of the item much faster!!

We have PE on Tuesdays, please ensure your child's PE kit is in school.


You will receive newsletters and information from school regularly, however, if you have and questions or queries please do not hesitate to speak to me.

Thank you

Miss Aspin