Welcome to Willow Class


Hello! My name is Mrs Hill and I am the class teacher in Willow Class.  We are very lucky to have Mrs Slater working with us to help us with our learning and we are looking forward to welcoming the children into Year 1.



Our exciting topic for this half term is ...


 'Toy Time'


We are really excited to be learning about different toys this term. We will be working towards our final project of designing and making our own toy that we can then take to Longshaw Nursery to show the  children how it works and teach them how it was made. We will also teach them about have toys have changed over time. 
We started the topic with a very interesting visitor....Ally from Blackburn Museum visited our class and taught us about toys in the past. We learnt how our Great Great Grandparents played with conkers, feathers, marbles and peg dolls. We were also very surprised to learn that they didn't play with Ipads or computers then either because they didn't exist! 
We are very excited to find out more about toys in the past and how they have changed over time. 
  Before we begin our project below are some questions to think about:
How have toys changed over time? 
What games did they play?
Did they have toys that glow in the dark or make noises?
Have teddy bears always been the same?



Reading books

Please ensure that your child's book bag is in school every day.  Please read with your child every night and discuss what you have read.  You do not need to read the whole book at once. Reading books will be changed three times a week but only if your child has had two good reads of their book.


Some activities you can do to support reading and understanding are...

* Act out the story

* Use expression

* Retell the story without the reading book

* Do a word hunt

* Be digraph detectives

* Ask your child to try and change the story slightly







Homework will be given out every Friday. The homework will reflect on the children's learning throughout the week. Please ensure homework is handed back in on Thursday to ensure new homework can be given out on the Friday.



Please make sure that every piece of clothing your child brings into school has their name clearly on it. This is to ensure if any clothing does get lost or misplaced it can be easily returned. 



We have two P.E. sessions every week, including a FUNDA session with a specialist teacher. One is on Wednesday and one is on Thursday and P.E. kits will be sent home at the end of every half term to be washed. Please ensure that they are back in school ready for the first week back.


Useful Websites

Oxford Owl- You can sign up as a parent.
Phonics Play- Some free games and resources
Twinkl- You can sign up as a free member. Then search for phonics screening

Jolly phonics 

Teach your monster to read.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesistate to come and speak to me.


Thank you for your continued support, 


Mrs Hill and Mrs Slater.   :)