Welcome to Maple Class!



Hello, my name is Mrs Plummer and I am looking forward to teaching Maple Class this year. We are also very lucky to have Mrs Murray and Mrs Hibbert working with us this year.



Our topic this Term is going to be:


'Fire! Fire!'




We are going to be busy this term with lots of fun and exciting activities to look forward to!


To begin our 'Fire! Fire!' topic we will discuss what we already know about fire and consider what we would like to learn about the the History of The Great Fire of London. We will research how the fire began and who was involved in the events of the fire, before considering what it was like for people during this time and how changes came about as a result of the fire. 


We will continue to consider life during the time of The Great Fire within our materials topic in Science, where we will investigate different materials and explore the suitability of those used to build modern houses in comparison to those in the past. We will make links to our Geography learning by locating London on a map and exploring the key physical and human features found there, including its landmarks. We will also Identify the 7 continents and 5 oceans on a map of the world.


 In our Art and DT lessons we will make links with our topic by exploring a range of materials and joining techniques best suited to creating our very own Tudor houses. We will then join our houses together to recreate the famous Pudding Lane street scene. To further develop our artistic skills, we will continue to take inspiration from the city of London to produce observational drawings of various areas of the city, in the style of artist Stephen Wiltshire.


To further enhance our learning this term we will have a visit from the local fire service who will discuss the importance of fire safety. We will also be lucky enough to see them return later in the term to help start and extinguish our very own 'Great Fire of Longshaw'! We will also have a visit for Warburtons, where we will learn all about the different food groups, the importance of hygiene and how to make bread.






Reading books

It is important that your child's book bag is in school every day. Please read with your child every night and discuss what you have read. You do not need to read the whole book at once.



Homework will be given out every Friday reflecting the children's learning that week. Please ensure homework is back in school by Thursday to ensure homework can be issued the following Friday.



Please make sure that every piece of clothing that comes into school has your child's name on it so that if it does get lost or misplaced it can be easily returned. 



We have two P.E sessions every week, including a specialist FUNDA session. Please make sure your child has their P.E kits in school throughout the term. 





Thank you!



If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate

to come and speak to me. 


Thank you for your continued support, 


Mrs Plummer :)