9th September 2017

We have had lots of fun impressing our teachers with our team building activities and we particularly enjoyed finding out which team could build the tallest tower of cups in one minute!


In our first Art lesson we created our own self - portraits, taking inspiration from famous artists like Da Vinci. What an amazing job we did!

15th September 2017

Last week we had a very special visitor called Aurie. She was a cute, cuddly kitten but she was very shy so we had to be very quiet and gentle with her. 

We are finding our first topic 'The Great Fire of London' very interesting and have been asking lots of questions that we have begun finding the answers to.

We thought it was funny when we learned that a man called Samuel Pepys buried wine and cheese to save them from the fire! 

We even had a fun quiz to see what we could remember about the events of The Great Fire.

Did you know it happened 351 years ago? 

In our maths lessons we have been exploring numbers. We have written numbers in figures and words and are now investigating the place value of two and three digit numbers, ready to apply this to problem solving in the Autumn term. 

In English we have begun exploring Stories with Familiar Settings. We have read and are now learning the story Owl Babies using a 'Talk 4 Writing' story map and we have created actions to help us. Soon we will tweak and change the story to make it our own. 

4th October 2017

This week we have been lucky enough to have a visit from Blackburn Fire Service. They told us all about fire safety and what to do if a fire began at home. They even let us dress up as firefighters!

6th October 2017

Golden Time

This week Maple Class had a go at tying their laces. It was very tricky but they didn't give up! Chestnut Class explored the school grounds and collected freshly fallen leaves, which they then used to make leaf people. Sycamore were mini teachers. They visited Reception Class to help them zip up their coats. 

Tuesday 17th October

We are scientists!

We have been looking at electricity and electrical safety in Science. We especially enjoyed experimenting with electrical circuits. We had to make a bulb light up first then we looked at what happened when we added more bulbs and buzzers!



Wednesday 24th January 2018

This week we had an exciting visit to Clitheroe Castle. We learned all about Motte and Bailey castles and we had a go at making our own out of soft, dusty, golden sand and we used long, wooden sticks to make a keep and drawbridge. We were taken for a walk around the keep and spotted the arrow slits so we fired our imaginary arrows but none of Maple got theirs through the hole. Can you spot Sir Eggbert in our photos? We has lots of fun making strong, hard, protective armour for him then threw him off the top of the tall, strong keep to see if he would survive! Many of them cracked but 5 survived! After Lunch we heard the story of the 'Dragon of Clitheroe' and learned about different types of dragons and where to find them. We were also lucky enough to learn how to salute a dragon if we ever meet one. What an excellent day we had!