Our OFSTED Report 2014


The inspection report has now been published and shared with all the parents and carers of children at our school. We are very pleased with the outcomes of the inspection and glad that inspectors could see how hard everyone works to ensure that children at Longshaw are given the best possible start to their school lives.




  • THE QUALITY OF TEACHING IS                                                            GOOD
  • THE ACHIEVEMENT OF PUPILS IS                                                       GOOD
  • THE EARLY YEARS PROVISION IS                                                        GOOD

The inspectors agreed that:

-      the pupils achieve well and make good progress from their starting points

-      the children get a good start to their learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage

-      the teaching is good across the school

-      staff know pupils well and there are good relationships all around

-      disadvantaged pupils, disabled pupils and those with special educational needs make good progress and achieve well because they receive high quality support

-      pupils behave well and are keen to learn

-      The work the school does to keep pupils safe and secure is OUTSTANDING

-      School leaders understand the school well and work well together to raise pupils’ achievement

-      Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is good

-      Parents are supportive and appreciative of the school

The Early Years Provision is Good

There are close links with the nursery school and children make a smooth transition to the Reception year.

The quality of teaching in the early years is good. All staff have high expectations and challenge children to make good progress in all areas.

Staff provide opportunities to play and explore, indoors and outdoors, effectively.

Staff in the early years work effectively to meet the needs of individuals and groups of children.

Staff assess and record children’s progress regularly and accurately… they use this information to extend and challenge them further.

Children are motivated and interested in their learning. They behave well, listen carefully to adults and get on well with each other.

Whatever their staring points, children make good progress and are well prepared to enter Key Stage 1.

Early years provision makes a strong contribution to the children’s physical and emotional health, safety and well-being, as well as to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Leadership and management of the early years are good.




The Behaviour and Safety of Pupils is Good

Pupils are polite and considerate and get on well with each other and with adults in the school. This creates a school where pupils want to learn.

Pupils are keen to do well and take pride in their work.

Pupils mix well and play enthusiastically on the playground during break and behave responsibly and safely at lunchtime.

Pupils enjoy coming to school and are proud of it.

Pupils are very positive about feeling safe and well cared for in school.

The school works well with parents and outside agencies.

The Quality of Teaching is Good

The quality of teaching is good across theschool and some is outstanding.

Pupils in all classes learn well and make good progress.

Staff know pupils well and there are good relationships in school.

Staff have high expectations of what pupils can achieve and set work that engages pupils and motivates them so that they are keen to learn and make good progress.

Pupils say that teachers make lessons ‘fun’ and ‘very interesting’ and that ‘we learn a lot'.

Questioning was used skilfully to develop pupils’ vocabulary and to challenge them to develop their understanding.

Pupils’ work is marked regularly, consistently and well.

Staff use praise effectively and give helpful suggestions for the next steps in pupils’ learning.

Pupils know how well they are doing and what they need to do to improve their work.

Teachers and teaching assistants work very closely and effectively together to support pupils who find learning more difficult. As a result, these pupils achieve well and make good progress.

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The Achievement of Pupils is Good

Pupils’ achievement in reading, writing and mathematics has improved since the previous inspection. From low starting points they make good progress.

The standards achieved by pupils at the end of Key Stage 1 have been rising steadily. Results for 2014 show further improvement. Pupils in Year 1 and Year 2 currently are making good progress.

Pupils make good progress in reading because they are well taught and have plenty of opportunities to read regularly.

The school has a strong focus on developing pupils’ speaking and listening skills and this has had a strong impact upon improving achievement in reading. This is now being applied to raising standards in writing.

Pupils make good progress in mathematics.

Disadvantaged pupils achieve well. Disabled pupils and those with special educational needs achieve well and make good progress.

The most able pupils achieve well and make good progress overall. These pupils are increasingly being given work to stretch and challenge them to reach their potential.




The Leadership and Management of the School is Good

Since taking up post the Headteacher has provided very effective leadership. She has been supported well by the senior leadership team, middle leaders and governors.

The school has effective systems for checking how well pupils are doing. The school leaders have a clear and accurate view of how well the school is performing.

Senior leaders closely monitor the quality of teaching and learning and middle leaders check and evaluate performance effectively. Any underachievement is quickly identified and addressed.

All groups of pupils in the school are making good progress.

The curriculum is well planned, engages pupils effectively in their learning and promotes good behaviour. It is enriched by a good range of activities, clubs, trips and visits covering sport, drama and culture.

Governors have a good understanding of the schools’ context, strengths and areas needing improvement.